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Chinese language courses

Language Link invites you to learn Chinese from beginner level. This course would perfectly suit anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of the language and traditions of the most densely-populated country in the world.

Chinese classes are open to anyone who wants gain confidence in one of the most practical and fascinating languages in the world. If you are planning a trip to China or you are charmed by this ancient culture, we invite you to share the atmosphere of China with our native-speaking teacher!




Using the Communicative Approach to teaching, you will begin speaking from the very first lesson. Our native-speaking teacher will introduce you to the tones of the Chinese language and assist with correct pronunciation and articulation. You will not need to go through a month of theory alone, because you will be involved in the dialogue immediately! The informal atmosphere during lessons helps our students to start speaking effortlessly in this interesting and dynamic language.


There is a strong emphasis on pronunciation during the course, owing to the fact that the sounds of Chinese speech are distinctly different from the pronunciation of European languages and therefore require a particular articulation. Though the system of tones can be challenging for a new student of the Chinese language, the teacher is well-equipped to help students both hear and produce the four tones.


The study of Chinese as it is written is an inalienable part of the course. New vocabulary is practiced not only verbally, but also in writing by using special notebooks. Students learn to recognize, read and write Chinese characters correctly. It will be an amazing discovery for learners to see how symbols with completely different meanings can form new words! Chinese also uses Western letters in a system called pin-ying, which is used throughout the course to assist students in learning the characters.


The course also helps students by acquainting them with Chinese customs and traditions that will be useful in travelling as well as in supplying a foundation for future Chinese language learning. Etiquette rules in the East haven’t changed for centuries, so the traditional Chinese communication rituals and rules will astonish learners by their authenticity.


Language Link Level Course book Course duration
Beginner A unique program developed by Language Link’s Academic Department. Purchasing a course book is not required as each student will be given their own individual pack of materials. 48 academic hours over 3 months.

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Teachers from China and Russian teachers create a unique atmosphere on lessons, making the study process interesting and effective for each student.

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