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Every child has dreamed of being in the spotlight, and savoring all the benefits that come with fame! But is fame truly the prize we often think it is? Join us as we discuss all the ways a person might come across fame, and how it could just as easily feel like a curse or a burden to fear rather than a trophy to embrace happily.
We have always gotten out entertainment and news and relaxation from the radio, newspapers and increasingly from television and the internet. Join us as we discuss how the media has evolved over time and how it affects our lives.
Less than 60 years after the first airplane flew through the sky, man was able to leave the Earth behind completely to orbit the planet and eventually travel to the Moon! This rapid development of technology was largely thanks to the competing interests of the United States and the Soviet Union. Join us as we discuss this child of the Cold War: The Space Race! How did international tensions encourage this incredible endeavor, how has space travel changed since, and what will it become in the future?

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