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Laughter is contagious, as the old saying goes. Join us as we discuss humour in all its various forms, and all the ways in which we use this invaluable tool to help keep our spirits bright even during life’s darker moments.
We often accept the world around us in factual, concrete terms. But is there more to reality than what we can hold in our hands and demonstrate empirically? Join us as we discuss those things which may be beyond nature. Ghosts? UFOs? Mythical Creatures? The supernatural!
Few people want to do it, but everyone must! Work! Should people love their jobs, or merely tolerate them? Does it matter? Join us as we discuss all the ways in which our careers shape us as people and as a culture.
Sometimes, it feels like Mother Nature is trying as hard as she can to kill us. Though we live most of our lives in relative safety, at any minute, we could face an earthquake or tornado or draught! And if we survive these, humans have invented disasters of the manmade variety that are just as deadly! Join us as we discuss all the catastrophes that the world is eager to throw at us when we least expect it!

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