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Teaching Teenagers – Обучение подростков английскому языку

1 Author: Katie Pelton
2 Trainer: Katie Pelton
3 Target audience: Teachers of teenage students
4 Goals: By the end of the seminar, teachers will gain insight on how to motivate teenagers to succeed in English and how to effectively manage classroom situations typical among teenage students.
5 What participants will learn: Participants will learn what motivates teenagers, how to get them to speak in class, and how to create materials which are interesting and engaging. We will also discuss how to manage behaviour and create reward systems. There will also be a complete presentation on the second conditional form
6 What participants will be able to do: Participants will be able to create effective materials for increasing interest in English, manage difficult situations, foster self-motivation in teenagers, and make grammar more interesting for students.
7 Type of course/seminar: Methodology
8 Length of course/seminar: 4 academic hours
9 Prerequisites: (level / teaching experience) Participants should be of at least b1 level in English. There is no prerequisite for teaching experience.
10 Assessment: None
11 Materials: Power point presentation, handout booklet, video, handouts



Motivating Teenagers In this part of the seminar, we will explore what motivates teenage students and how to tap into that resource to make the most of lessons. Grammar is notoriously difficult to teach to this group of students, so a large part of the seminar is devoted to how to make presenting, practising, and producing new grammar more interesting. There are ideas for games and activities as well as year-long reward systems based on video game mechanics.


Teenage Classroom Management In this part of the seminar we will discuss using the board, games and activities, seating arrangements, and disciplinary measures for effective classroom management. There will be ideas for how to stop bad behaviour before it happens and how to handle it if situations arise. Positivity in the classroom is important when dealing with this particular age group, so the techniques presented focus on positive reinforcement, routine, and setting the right expectations to avoid bad situations altogether.

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