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English for the Teacher: Advanced

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1 The Ages of Man This lesson looks at different ages and their characteristics, nature / nurture, colloquial expressions to describe people, relationships, idioms and phrasal verbs.
2 Education This lesson looks at vocabulary, facts and myths of education, idioms, prepositions and phrasal verbs, and looks at an example from the CAE Speaking exam.
3 The Arts This lesson looks at culture, order of adjectives and writing a review. It also focuses on some commonly-confused verbs, and word pairs.
4 Work This lesson looks at jobs, employment and talking about working life. It also looks at idioms on the topic and writing a letter of application.
5 Use Your Head This lesson looks at the mind and how we learn, fears and phobias. It also looks at idioms and phrasal verbs on the topic.
6 Travel This lesson looks at the topic of travel and tourism. It also looks at collocations and phrasal verbs connected with the topic.
7 Crime This lesson looks at vocabulary about crimes, criminals and punishments. It also includes role play and discussion on the topic.

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