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Cartoons in the Classroom

Course Aims: Explore and discover how to effectively use cartoons in the teenage classroom to build listening skills, create opportunities for conversation, raise interest in grammar topics, and increase learner autonomy. During this course, you will learn many practical, hands-on skills for choosing the right cartoons and creating your own worksheets, games, and activities. You will get the opportunity to view and participate in a fully formed cartoon lesson, complete with meta-commentary to break down the mechanics and understand how it all works. You will also create a cartoon lesson of your own, complete with handouts and other materials to present at the end of the course.

Session 1: Participate in a “cartoon lesson” from beginning to end. All of the stages of a listening will be followed, pausing between stages to discuss the mechanics and the rationale behind what’s being done in class. See the step-by-step process of making cartoons in the classroom a meaningful, purposeful learning experience. (At the end of this lesson, you will be assigned a project to be completed by the beginning of lesson three).

Session 2: Learn about developing quality materials to accompany the cartoons you use in class. We will discuss choosing appropriately themed communicative lead-in activities, deciding what vocabulary to pre-teach, how to write effective while-watching comprehension questions, and how to create conversation following the episode. We will also discuss creating and adapting existing grammar and vocabulary games and activities to create learning beyond the cartoon lesson.

Session 3: The participants will present the materials they have made as their assigned project for critique and comment. We will also discuss how to choose the right cartoon, grading the materials so the same cartoons can be used for different levels, and how to work the cartoon into your specific curriculum.

Продолжительность курса: 12 академических часов

Семинар ведет: Katie Pelton, Senior Director of Studies

Количество человек в группе: до 16

Требования к кандидатам: знание английского языка не ниже уровня В2 (Upper-Intermediate) согласно Общеевропейской шкале уровней владения языком Совета Европы

Место проведения: Москва, ул. Новослободская, д. 3, этаж 6 (станция метро "Новослободская"). Карта  

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