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Тест по английскому языку для подростков

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What’s your name? My name is __________.
How old are you? I am __________.
My uncle __________ a wizard.
Who are the __________ in the garden?
This is __________ pen.
Mary and Alice are sisters. __________ parents live in Germany.
50 is __________.
Do you like tennis?
My mother __________ speak Spanish.
William __________ any brothers or sisters.
__________ is the day after Monday.
__________ is in winter.
The time 8.15 is __________.
The shower is in the __________.
See you __________ seven o’clock.
I __________ tennis.
Why __________ Charles singing?
Please speak slowly. I __________ understand you.
He __________ talking.
What time did you __________ dinner yesterday?
We don’t have __________ sugar.
Tomorrow is a holiday. Susan __________ go to school.
It was his birthday __________.
Russia is bigger __________ the USA.
Football is the __________ sport in the world.
I promise I __________ do it again.
We __________ to the cinema on Saturday.
I like __________ by the sea.
My brother studies all the time. He is very __________.
Are you going to have lunch now?
These shoes are too expensive. I __________ to buy them.
I’ll stay at home if it __________ today.
My brother arrived while we __________.
Were you listening to music when I called yesterday?
I’m not very healthy. I __________ do more exercise.
The opposite of deep is __________.
We have never __________ in the Mediterranean.
__________ John ever eaten pizza?
We’ve lived here __________ 2001.
Rice __________ in China.
His name’s Harry, __________?
Do your parents __________ stay up until midnight?
I’m going to __________ a shower this evening.
I’m sorry there __________ juice for everyone.
You look really tired! What __________?
How long __________ Paul?
If I __________ enough money, I would buy a house.
We __________ have a computer when I was little.
I like books __________ are interesting.
When I got to the airport, I realised I __________ the tickets.
Leonardo and Kate aren’t together any more. They __________ up recently.
He __________ better get here soon or he’ll miss the start of the film.
Lots of new houses __________ recently.
Can you turn the heating off? It’s __________ boiling here!
How was your business __________ to Spain?
Remember __________ some bread on your way home.
I saw your keys in your bag. You __________ lost them.
Alice asked Matthew where __________ to go for dinner.
I wish I __________ so much homework tonight.
If I had worked harder at school, I __________ to university last year.
Steven is very cheerful, __________ is something I admire. =
Sam __________ stealing the money.
The doctor advised me __________ smoke.
I could never get used __________ in another country.
I’m really tired. I wish I __________ to bed so late last night.
__________ I like about Mary is that she is always happy.
John __________ for hours before he realised he was going in the wrong direction.
This time next week, I __________ on a beach in the sun.
By this time next year I __________ my degree.
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