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Тест по английскому языку для детей

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What’s your name? I’m ______________.
How old are you? I’m ______________.
What’s this? ______ a pen.
Is it a dog?
______ boat is red.
Has Cheburashka got big ears?
There’s ______ elephant in the kitchen!
Can you see the cat?
Choose the correct sentence.
Oh, Dima Bilan! I love_____!
______? B: It’s David’s.
I hate museums! I ____ go to them.
A: What’s this? B: ______ a banana.
What ______ monkeys like? Bananas.
She _____ sleeping; she’s watching TV!
play – played; listen – listened; travel - :
Have – Had, Write - Wrote, Go - ________
Ninety is ______.
An elephant is ______ than a mouse.
I’m wearing ______
Bill is the ______ student in the class.
You must ________ your homework.
Tomorrow we ______ to school.
At 9 o’clock yesterday I ____ in the park.
Oh! This soup is ________!
"Have you read this book?" "________"
Have you ever____to India?
If it doesn't rain, we ____ to the park.
If I were you, I _____ do that.
She used to have long hair, but now______.
Rice _____ in China.
_______ my cake?
When I got to the airport, I realised I _______ the tickets.
Do your parents _______ stay up until midnight?
Call me as soon as you ______.
Paul is ______ nice man.
I think Leeds _____ the match next week.
You look really tired! What _______ ?
How long _______ Paul?
Alice asked Matthew where ______ to go for dinner.
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