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Тест по английскому языку

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What’s your name? My name is ________.
Where do you live? I live in ________.
________ Sonia from Hungary?
Peter is ________ husband.
Twelve is ________.
He ________ in a supermarket.
Where ________ you live?
It's quarter to four. What time is it?
I don't work ________ the weekend.
He is from France. He ________ speak French.
He ________ me lots of presents.
I love ________.
My grandfather ________ in Munich yesterday.
I didn't ________ out last night.
It ________ now.
I eat ________ in the morning.
We don't need _________ tomatoes.
She ________ have a holiday next month.
An elephant is___________ than a horse.
Mike is the ________ teacher.
A cook is a person ________ works in a restaurant.
________ War & Peace?
I was tired ________ I went to bed early.
He's not very clever. He ________ get the job.
You wear gloves on your ________.
________ you ever been to South America?
You can't go out. You haven't finished your homework _______________ .
It's Sunday. I ________ to go to work.
If it ________, I won't go out.
What ___________ if you saw a crocodile?
He has been a doctor ________ two years.
He didn't ________ live in China.
I have ________ work.
– I love basketball. – So ________ I.
Someone who wants to be successful in life is ________.
–You look tired. – I___________ football all morning.
There aren't any lights on. They _________ be out.
I ________ to swim when I was younger.
I'll call you as soon as I ________.
Who is ________ by the window?
Remember ________ him when you get home.
You can buy beef in the ________.
He told her he ________ shopping the next day.
She needed help, so she asked the man in uniform ________ he was a policeman.
The bill has to ________ tomorrow.
We would have arrived at 6.00pm if we ________ lost.
He switched ________ the TV.
We ________ for two hours when the captain told us to fasten our seatbelts.
You said they'd gone, but ________ they're still there.
People used to ________ for stealing bread.
Don't call at 7pm today, I ________ dinner then.
I ________ my exam by this time next week.
We've gone the wrong way. We ________ turned left at the lights.
The car ________.
She regretted ________ to the party.
He ate ________ for breakfast.
It's easy! ________ can do it.
If only I ________ smoke.
I wrote it down ________ forget it.
Adriana hasn't come to class for two weeks, ________ is a bit worrying.
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