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Программа курса подготовки к экзамену ТКТ Уoung Learners

TKT: YL is an examination for teachers and classroom assistants who teach or will teach English to young learners. It tests knowledge of concepts related to young learner learning and development, and knowledge of young learners from a teaching perspective: the planning, teaching and assessment of young learners’ work.



Introduction to TKT Young Learners.

The session overviews TKT YL: syllabus, exam format, typical tasks and testing focuses, grading and results.

Describing young learners and principles of TEYL.

This session will consider some of the age characteristics and natural abilities children possess which help them to learn a foreign language. It also covers some practical ideas on how to provide effective system of methodological support in YL classroom.

Practice activities.

This session overviews techniques and practice activities to consolidate children’s language learning and skills development.

Communication strategies.

This session focuses on the ways of developing children’s communication strategies through language learning.

Cognitive strategies.

This session focuses on the ways of developing children’s cognitive strategies through language learning.

Learning strategies.

This session focuses on the ways of developing children’s learning strategies through language learning.

Managing young learners in class.

This session covers a range of areas a teacher manages in a class, including getting and keeping children’s attention, establishing routines, checking understanding, etc


The aim of this session is to raise awareness about the importance of providing suitable types of scaffolding for language learning and to examine the nature and ways of the support.

Teaching materials and resources.

This session makes emphasis on the ways how to adapt course-books and supplementary materials in order to support and challenge children’s learning.

Planning young learner lessons.

This session involves participants into using and practicing key planning components, such as learning outcomes, personal teaching aims, procedure, anticipated problems and solutions, syllabus fit, lesson evaluation, etc


In this session the purposes and focuses of different types of assessment are covered as well as ways of acting on assessment evidence.

TKTYL Mock Test.

Pretesting is done in the real test conditions with materials provided by Cambridge ESOL. It provides participants with the opportunity to experience the standard task-types.