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Course Programme


Session topics
# of hours
1.      Introduction to the Communicative methodology. Aims and sub-aims of the course. The cornerstones of the CLT (Communicative language teaching). Systems of the language. Grammar, lexis, phonology, functions. What they are made of and some of the anticipated problems in each system.

4 ac. hours

Skills. Receptive skills: listening and reading.
Subtypes. Selection and creation of activities to match each subtype.
Logical order of listening/reading activities. Online audio and video.
4 ac. hours
Skills. Productive skills: writing and speaking.
Subtypes. Selection and creation of activities to match each subtype.
4 ac. hours
Presentation techniques: PPP (Presentation Practice Production), TBL (Task-Based Learning), TTT (Test Teach Test), Guided Discovery.
Examples for each technique, differences, pros and cons, selection criteria.
Lesson planning.
Glossary, plan, its main components and aspects.
Group project on creation of a task to illustrate one of the techniques.
4 ac. hours
Presentation of the group project to illustrate one of the presentation techniques.
Learning styles: VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).
Anticipated problems in lesson planning and possible solutions.
The main types of CLT activities and their analysis.
4 ac. hours
Correcting learners. Practical examples of correcting learners to fit the aim of the lesson.
Functional language in class. Types of functions: instructions, grading your language.
Motivation. Types. Project.
4 ac. hours
Functional language in class.
Types of functions: CCQ (concept checking questions), eliciting (to check understanding).
A project to practice the elicitation technique.
4 ac. hours
L1 (native language) in CLT: to use or not to use at the lessons?
Group and pairwork. Grouping and pairing students.
Constructive and unconstructive.
Revision of the lesson planning basics.
Final lesson preparation time and personalized tutor feedback.
4 ac. hours
Video lessons observation.
Teachers deliver a part of their lesson plan using other trainees as students.
4 ac. hours