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Russian as a foreign Language

learn russian in russia
russian in russia 
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learn russian in russia 

Russian as a Foreign Language in Language Link, St Petersburg

Language Link has been providing top-quality instruction in foreign languages ever since the creation of the company in 1975.  Since July 1994, Language Link has opened and operated language schools throughout Russia. Our school in St Petersburg was opened in 1996 - we offer classes in English and Russian as a foreign language for our international students.

Language Link in St Petersburg is located right in the heart of the city. The school is situated just off Nevsky Prospect, behind Kazansky Cathedral. The metro station Nevsky Prospect is a few minutes walk away. All the classrooms are modern and well equipped. Our Russian language teacher graduated from the State Pedagogical University Herzen has been working for Language Link since 2007. 

russian as a foreign language

We are happy to offer the following courses:

Short 2-week Course of Russian Language for Beginners

This course “Trip to Russia. Survival Course” is intended for students who are planning to stay in Russia for a short time. It will help students to communicate with Russians in everyday conversations: in cafes/restaurants, in shops, on the street and etc. The main goal of the course is to make students feel more “Russian”, in other words, to feel more comfortable and confident.

learn russian in saint petersburgAfter this course you will be able to:

1) Read in Russian (names of streets, metro stations, signs…).

2) Ask and respond appropriately to simple questions in everyday situations.

3) Carry on a conversation about yourself, your needs and tastes and express your own opinions.

4) Meet people and make friends.

5) Count in Russian and exchange money.

6) Make the orders in cafes and restaurants.

7) Get around the city.

8) Buy tickets for transport, cinemas, theatres.

9) Order taxis, book the hotels.

10) Go shopping.

11)  Communicate with the police.

12)  Go to the doctor.

And even more…

The classes also include:

  • Dialogues on everyday topics

  • Interaction both with students in the group and the teacher

  • Role playing

  • Audio materials (texts, dialogues, Russian modern songs

For Non-Beginners – 2-3 weeks (A2 level of Russian language is required in this class).

During this course students will learn how to interact with locals and express themselves in a number of everyday situations. The emphasis in this class is on communication.  Apart from learning Russian basics, you will also learn about some aspects of Russian culture.  

Examples of suggested topics:

1) Getting acquainted.

2) Our dreams, plans, perspectives.

3) Study.

4) Walking in the city.

5) St Petersburg.

6) Traveling.

7) Emotions, feelings.

8) Relationships.

9) Personalities and character.

We also offer the following courses:

  • Group courses (if you come with your own group)/ individual lessons

  • Intensive Courses

  • Academic Courses

  • TORFL (The Test of Russian as Foreign Language)

Before we get started you will be required to take an entrance test so we could arrange the timetable and choose the appropriate program for you. You can test your knowledge of  Russian grammar on the page www.russian.language.ru/test.html or upon arrival to St Petersburg.

Additional services:

  • Accommodation (on request)

  • Visa support (1500 RUR for invitation letter). We can start making an invitation straight after the following conditions will be agreed: It's supposed to be minimum 6 academic hours of classes per week. 1 Month of classes is due to be paid in advance.

  • Excursions

  • Airport/railway station transfer

Our fees:

academic hour/individually = 850 RUR

academic hour (if you come with your own group) = 850 RUR (per time, it doesn’t depend on the number of students)

Tourist visa up to 4 weeks = 3000 RUR; Student single-entry visa up to 3 months = 7200 RUR

Airport/railway station transfer = 2000 RUR/one direction


To enroll in a course or receive more information, please, don’t hesitate to contact us by mail info@ll.spb.ru or by phone + 7 (812) 315 6060, +7 (921) 428 3536

Our site: www.languagelink.ru

Looking forward to seeing you in our school!

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