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We welcome the splendid ladies and gentlemen of the Linking Club who find talk a pleasure.

The mission of the Linking Club
Connecting Minds and Developing Language Skills through Discussions

Traditions of the Club
The Club’s meetings shall be conducted by two  Chairpersons.
The Chairpersons’ gavel must be respected at all times.
Each Club meeting shall start with the chairperson saying the club motto.

The Club’s Motto
"I,  friend, talk to you, friend,  
as you, friend, talk to your friend
as I, friend, talk to thee.
The more we talk together, friend,
the happier we shall be".

(All the members stand up at that point and repeat),
"The more we talk together, friend, the happier we shall be.
Each meeting shall end with a reflection session and a discussion of the future activities of The Club.

Duties and Responsibilities of Members
Members of The Club should all wear badges with their name at every meeting.
Badges shall be presented on admission and must be returned after each meeting.
Having registered for a meeting, the member must attend it unless an excuse is received by the day before the meeting.
Members should address each otherby the name on the badge.
Members of The Club agree to speak English, only English and nothing but English. A member may use his/her own language and ask for help only while raising both hands.
A member will be fined for speaking not English. The call for the fine is made by a chairperson by saying “A cup of tea”. The fine is to donate tea and snacks for the next meeting. Any member can only be fined once during a meeting.


Code of Behaviour

Behaviour should at all times be gentlemanly-ladylike. A good mood and a sense of humour are a must to bring to The Club’s meetings.
Members of The Club should be respectful of each other’s opinions. We all agree that opinions may differ.
Interrupting someone is not allowed unless a proper excuse is made and a proper expression is used. We all agree that we should be considerate of each other.
Unruly, loud or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.  A member may lose their club membership for repeated improper conduct.
Discussions and any activities involving politics and religion are not permitted at any meeting of The Club. We all agree that no government or religion is either good or bad. Members of The Club should work hard to improve their language, but not the world.

Membership of The Linking Club signifies acceptance of these Rules and Regulations and confirms a member’s complete commitment to The Club’s activities