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Hello everyone! I started visiting the Club a month ago and since that it is in my to do list on Fridays! The atmosphere is positive, the topics we discuss are interesting, our teachers Svetlana and Chad are amazing! Look forward to seeing you again! Thank you for everything you do! We really appreciate it!

Olga Bykova

Being a teacher myself I realize how well-planned every Club's meetings are. You don't even notice how the time passes and it's time to part and go home:( Svetlana and Chad are amazing people and cool teachers! They create a special atmosphere at our meetings, choose interesting topics for discussion and perform like real actors. I joined the club two weeks ago and the only thing I feel sorry about is that I haven't done it earlier! Now I have one more reason for waiting for Fridays:)

Vladislava Ozornina

Hello. I've already visited the club twice. The atmosphere was light and friendly. Our teachers Svetlana and Chad were pretty interesting, polite and nice. Thanx for your work. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.)

Лана Романова