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Рассказ Олеси

Mr. Simpson was sitting in his comfortable office, when his secretary (she had a pretty face)… So, Miss Pretty said that Mr. Rat was eager to see him.

Simpson hated him. I mean, they loved each other like a cat and a dog - and Mr. Simpson was a cat, but very fat cat, a professional log-sleeper and as angry, if needed, as a tiger. Mr. Rat was not much of a dog, but a real snake in the grass. He tried to look very stupid, and that look got up not only Simpson's nose, but his eyes and ears too.

"Mr… Mr. Simpson… I mean… my family situation…" Rat always had a buzzing and stinging bee in his bonnet about his family situation. This meant, he wanted to borrow some money.

"I see, Mr. Rat, but I should remind you of the fact that you already owe me two thousand dollars. If only you could put your money where your mouth is, then…"

"But I … I have no money… and my mouth… is always very… very hungry. I… will return… I promise…"

"Yeah, pigs are flying to the South."

Mr. Rat was caught by the thought that Simpson was completely crazy, as mad as a March hare. 'He says strange things… he will not give me a cent.' He started running around like a headless chicken.

Mr. Simpson watched his behaviour with some special delight. It was about a year ago that he had found out the influence of idioms on people. His panic is evident. He gives himself away.'

"Okay and how much do you need, then?" he asked Rat with the foxiest smile.

"A… a… a thousand, but if you…"

"It's alright. Here's your thousand. Now you owe me… three thousand forty - well, I have my own interest."

Thank you… thank…" said Mr. Rat, thinking of how to pay the incredible debt back.

When he left, there was a special grin on the face of Simpson - a grin of obstinacy, tenacity and self assurance. It began somewhere at his temples and it was his habitual expression, combined with an indispensable sniff. A second later he took the telephone and was talking on the receiver.

"Card? Is that you, you old fool?"

…Yes, just now…

…a thousand…

Well, I doubt…

…a good deal!"

Mr. Simpson was a man with a yellow-coloured greedy streak a mile wide. He was extremely afraid of parting with his money. Mr. Card was his friend. They used to bet on Mr. Rat. And in casehe didn't return money, Simpson would win $2000.

A good deal!