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Language Link Saint-Petersburg welcomes you for a Russian language course in January!

Level: Beginner (A1);  

Course duration: 120 academic hours (approximately 5 months);

Timetable: 2 times per week - Tuesday and Thursday - from 11:15 to 13:45.

This is a communicative-grammatical course of Russian language. During the course you will learn:

- how to read and write (short letters and messages) in Russian;

- basics of Russian grammar;

- several hundred Russian words to orient in a city, communicate with people in the most typical situations at work, on the street, in public institutions; to introduce yourself and find out information about others;  to express your opinion about a situation, event or people.

To sign up to the group, you should take a free placement test. Advance registration for testing is required.

For more information, please contact reception of the central office.242 67 17, мобильный телефон: +7 (921) 428 35 36