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Part of life’s great journey is parenthood. Holding a tiny son or daughter in our arms for the first time is a life changing experience. This little bundle of joy opens up such a new perspective on life, but it also brings with it great responsibilities. Join us as we discuss the task parents must undertake, to teach our children right from wrong to that they can be successful in their own life’s journey.
Citizens from all around the world join classes to learn this fascinating and useful language. How did English spread from an isolated island off the coast of Europe to become one of the most widely used languages in the world? Join us as we discuss the complicated origins the English language.
Christmas and New Year are filled with so much iconic imagery and symbolism, that even a few notes of your favorite Christmas song can call to mind warm memories of jolly old men delivering gifts, colorful lights covering the parks and buildings, and families skating across frozen ice. Join us as we discuss one of the world’s most famous holidays, the various ways it is celebrated in different cultures, and its pagan origins.
Whether it’s someone banging two sticks on a cardboard box, or a full orchestra of strings and metal booming out a Beethoven symphony, the human mind seems amazingly interested in creating and listening to music. Join us as we explore music as it shifts and evolves across time and cultures, and the role it plays stirring and calming our emotions.

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